Our Format and Content

We believe the best way for you to make real progress as a CEO is to take time away from the ongoing demands of your business. That’s why we’re offering The CEO Roundtable – one full day out of the office each quarter – where you can learn industry-specific ideas and decide how to put them to use in your own company.

Quarterly, one-day meetings in Chicago will ensure that you…

  • Take adequate time away from daily demands to gain a clearer perspective
  • Explore best industry practices and proven successes of top-performing companies
  • Have time to examine your own choices and priorities – while also interacting with other group members and with our Roundtable facilitators

Virtual office hours offer opportunities to…

  • Talk privately about the challenges that are slowing or stalling your progress
  • Discuss your role as CEO, and how you can drive meaningful change
  • Ask questions about tools to help you make even more progress

Mid-quarter, online Web conference check-ins will help you…

  • To follow-up on the progress you’ve made
  • Gain access to interactive tools that will help you move forward more efficiently
  • Keep you on track for the next quarter’s meeting

Program content will include…

  • Transforming your business
  • How to make money on the business you have while developing new kinds of business at the same time
  • Building a dual sales pathway – helping your traditional salespeople while you’re also building a new kind of sales effort
  • Deciding what value-added services are right for your company to offer… and what markets you should be pursuing
  • Identifying and hiring the right salespeople – who fit the new things you’re trying to sell
  • Getting them off to a good start: focusing on the right kind of business and the right kinds of customers
  • Setting meaningful goals and following up on their progress
  • Developing a smart pricing strategy: filling your plant without giving everything away at low prices
  • Ensuring your plant is producing work productively – not just delivering jobs on time
  • Transforming your role as CEO
  • Spending more time doing the things that really matter
  • Finding time to strengthen your sales effort, making sure your plant is productive and your customers are happy
  • Letting go of the tasks that keep you so busy, to focus on the projects that make the biggest impact on your company’s results – identifying tasks you can delegate, do more efficiently, or let go of entirely
  • Building an effective process for interacting with your key managers
  • Building a better way to keep in touch with what’s happening throughout your company
  • Establishing clear objectives and ensuring your managers remain focused on the right things – so your managers are making real progress, not just surviving day‑to‑day
Are you ready to become the CEO
your company needs?


Ready to be the CEO your company needs?