Our Facilitators

Bob Rosen

Bob is the former owner of six graphic arts companies and current President of RH Rosen Associates, Inc. – a consulting firm that specializes solely in the graphic arts industry. The firm has advised the CEOs of more than 600 graphic arts companies.

Bob is the author of the newly released book, The New Graphic Arts CEO: Getting your company safely from here to there, and is the creator of the Graphic Arts CEO Course, presented at Idealliance’s Management Institute at Northwestern University. His focus is on what top-performing CEOs do to ensure their companies’ industry-leading results.

Mike Philie

Mike Philie is the Managing Director and leads the Ideadvisors team at Idealliance, a not-for-profit business management association representing progressive companies in the graphic communications industry. Mike has more than 28 years of graphic communications experience in the areas of sales, sales management, and executive leadership. He has served as a president of a commercial printing company and held senior level sales management roles.

Mike’s expertise includes strategic sales growth through both organic sales and mergers and acquisitions.  He leads interdisciplinary teams through the transition necessary for profitable growth within a changing, dynamic marketplace.


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